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3 May 2014

Music was my first love.

Oh my, the whole of April has flown past and I have not managed to blog, I feel like a naughty employee and have given myself a written warning.

It's not that I haven't been busy taking photos, quite the opposite, but as the photos are being held for release by the artists themselves, I'm unable to do the full reveal. 

For those who don't know about my previous life in music, heres a brief run-down.  My fist job after leaving college was on music papers and magazines, I was fortunate enough to be present at the birth of a new music magazine called Kerrang! and became one of the very first employees of this mag which specialised in ROCK of the heavy kind.  During this time I was the magazine secretary, and also had my own little column, I took photos on the quiet under a false name, as it was frowned upon by those in charge, for a mere secretary to do more than ... type.

It was back in the days of manual cameras and manual typewriters. One learns ones skill very well this way I believe. 
stop laughing, yes this is me, and yes I did play Bass

Over the years working on magazines and in record companies, I have made some wonderful, artistic, clever and talented friends.
None more so than the incredibly brilliant Katharine Blake (leader and founder of the Mediaeval Baebes).  

this is Katharine performing a few DAYS before giving birth to her daughter.
Katharine Blake and her life partner Nick Marsh, parents of two little girls, have recorded a cd of duets under their band title "From the Deep", the music is haunting, atmospheric and a meeting of two different worlds. My description, well its like David Lynch met Thomas Hardy and this is the soundtrack to that film.

The most professional person I have ever worked with, Katharine is fearless, she waded out into the deep dark murky, smelly and cold waters of the lake without batting an eyelid.  I felt very worried that my idea would result in Kat and Nick catching pneumonia particularly as by the end of the session Kat was waist deep.

So from old acquaintances to new ones, and some emerging talent that is being developed in the studio at this very moment. Some hooky, catchy, pop music ..... here is one sneaky pic from this new artist which I took this month.

Other news this month, the book I knitted some projects for is now out, its called "Fair Isle & Nordic Knits" by Nicki Trench and available to purchase if you click here

I knitted the bright coloured socks, a grey yoked jumper, a cushion and a few other things.  

The projects in this book are gorgeous, traditional designs with a colour twist. The jumper is a very easy project, believe it or not, I am now a convert of the yoke style of knitting sweaters, particularly if you, like me, are a fan of knitting in the round on circular needles. 

As as you can now see, I am an authority on what is 'rock n roll' and I'm telling you, knitting is the new 'rock n roll' ... so there. 

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