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27 Mar 2014

Tattoo Style

One of my current projects is a little something which I have invented all on my own, merging my eclectic tastes and sometimes conflicting styles and interests.  This series of photos is entitled "Tattoo Style" and I shall be fleshing this out more and more over the course of this year. I'm saving my words on the subject for another medium but for the blog lovers out there, heres a selection from the series.....
dreamcatchers and Indian Girls

Art Nouveau and Peacock Feathers

Antlers and Skulls, heads and hands

hot air balloons



Wise old Owls and Scientific Steampunkery

Nouveau swirls

Skulls and Roses

Keys and Skulls

Credits for items used in the photos should go to Van Asch who designs the coolest cushions and fabrics, BrocantUK who travel all over Europe collecting the weird and wonderful and to charity shops everywhere, without whom I would be a lot less inspired.

I shall also be updating my Steller story with these photos, Steller is a new app for your phone where you can make collections of photos, videos and words, its rather lovely, so please find me there under the same name I use on twitter Jan.is.IT (my homage to Will.i.am and because its about time I cashed in on having such a ridiculous name).

See you all soon xxx love Janice
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