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2 Jun 2014

Vintage Van Asch in the Vale

Life is pretty hectic which unfortunately impacts on blog posts, so anyway, for those of you kind enough to check me out here is a quick update of whats been happening here at Vale HQ.

Well, Im off to Sweden for a week to photograph the next Van Asch catalogue. This will be featuring the ever expanding collection from the extraordinarily talented Rachel who now has fabric for sale which is being used on beautiful Victorian style furniture and more.  So we will be taking her wares around to some gorgeous locations and styling up mood shots using our accompanying colour palette supplied by Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. 

This little jaunt does however mean that I will miss my favourite Vintage fair in Milton Keynes.  So if you can make it in my absence then please please go and say hi to my friends there. 
The fair is in the centre MK outside John Lewis on the weekend of 7th and 8th June.  

Heres some photos from previous fairs to wet your appetite.

Here in The Vale I have been Urban Exploring again but my exploring seems to concentrate on the same place, which I know kinda defeats the object, but hey !  I took my lovely friend there with her new camera so she could take some cool shots. I also found and noticed things I hadn't seen before and always impressed with the new graffiti that has appeared. 

We also visited the Hellfire Caves where Sir Frances Dashwood would meet with his cronies to practice the dark arts. The chalk caves are dug deep into the hillside and under a church. 

You can find the caves website here for more information on the history and location.

See you all on my return with lots of photos of Sweden I hope. 
Until then ...
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