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13 Mar 2014

Marlow bound on an antiques hunt ...

I like to shop local, well lets be honest, I like to shop, anyway, supporting your local independent retailers, I do believe, is a very good thing.  When it comes to Antiques it's essential as you can never just go out and find exactly what you want when you want it, you have to keep an open mind, wait sometimes or be flexible.  It's treasure hunting of the highest order.

Today I took a mooch down to Marlow at the other end of Bucks, to two places I know have excellent stock.  I'm currently working on a series of photos called "Tattoo Style", its a working title but one I hope to make my own, (sounds like something they would say on the X Factor), I digress.

First stop was HOME BARN

It's just on the outskirts of Marlow at Tithe Barn, Wilton Farm, Marlow Road SL7 3RR, look out for the Farm Shop signs as there is produce for sale just next door.

Home Barn have a very distinct curated style, collections under glass domes, cool memorabilia, strange and unusual, pulled together in a very stylish way. Their look very much sits into my Tattoo Style theme, plus, like myself they have an association with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, which they sell and use on some pieces. 

These photos should give you a feel for the beautiful high vaulted barn, full to the brim with vintage loveliness.

the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colours are shown on wooden spoons.

mini globes and American flags. 

medicine bottles

American advertising labels, butterflies under glass domes

If you are going to Home Barn then you really must take a short trip up the road to the Furniture Recycling Shop it is in Bourne End, opposite the station : SL8 5QE

The huge shop goes back a long way and has many many different styles and periods of vintage and antiques. Some pieces that look decidedly French, sitting amongst the kitsch and retro.  Lots of excellent wardrobes, if you need one, from Victorian through to Thirties and including armoir style. Their prices are great and if you are looking for furniture to make-over with paint you can find that here too.  Heres some photos taken in the shop ...

great display of cotton reels on a lovely old pine dresser

some Indian Kashmiri wears in a basket

very much pre-loved but gorgeous anyway

love this French lady and the shutters

beautiful dome

Marlow is a lovely town for a day out, parking is a bit difficult in the town centre but these two lovely shops have their own parking which is another bonus.  Check in with their facebook pages for updates of new stock. 

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