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12 Oct 2013

Click click splosh.

I thought I would just add to the post below with some pictures of the weekend shoot near Lewes where we were continuing to photograph some crocheted items designed by Nicki Trench for Designer Yarns Noro wool.

It was a very early start, the sun had just risen and the view from my lovely B&B was double aspect, the mist was rising but it wasn't raining (like it had been the day before) so we hoped for a promising start.

Our lovely location was at Beshlie Grimes house/farm. Beshlie writes great books about making your own booze. Have a look on Amazon for Beshlie Grimes Making Wines. 

I can't show you the finished projects in full so heres some teasers.

Someone must have listened to our prayers because the sun peeped through and for a few hours we had lovely light. 

Later in the day we had a planning meeting about the next few shots, including those for 'what we call' Jam Hats. Such Fun. 

Click one ...
Just a little update of whats happening with me right now. 
I am still working on a design for a sock pattern that should be a good beginners project, so I'm knitting it, undoing it and trying out different ideas until I feel that its a good one. Heres the first prototype. Once I feel I have it nailed I will post the pattern here with information on how to do it yourself.

This is knitted in Aran wool on circular needles and I while I love a snowflake pattern on a sock, I think it took too long and I want this to be something that the knitter can see a quick result with. I'm loving the wools made by Drops, the wool above is their alpaca mix called Nepal.

Click two ...

I'm midway through photographing a book of crochet patterns using Noro wool and designed by Nicki Trench. 

and ... splosh.  

Soon there will be a new company launch for unique items from Russia and the company is called Folkski.  Combined with the launch of this company will be some new looks and the 'splosh' is the sound of paint being used in the room sets. We hope to bring you some fabulous colour combinations using Annie Sloan chalk paint. 

And this little lady is the Folkski mascot, wind her up and watch her go (sounds like me doesn't it)!
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