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4 Oct 2013

Big Jugs

I have big jugs and I cannnot lie. In fact, Im very proud of my big jugs, they are an asset to any stylist and photographer and useful on so many levels.

Big jugs can be used in many ways, either to divert the eye or as a way to disguise and cover up a less attractive feature.

I have used my own big jugs in may photo shoots and when they aren't being put to purpose I just have them around the house as decoration.  Luckily for me my 'other half' likes big jugs too and gets quite excited when I produce a new one.

This week I added to them with an Art Deco one which I found in a charity shop.

Sometimes I ask for advice about how to decorate them from my local florist Wild Orchid, Lorraine often has ideas about how to make them look seasonal, she has some lovely jugs herself, you should check them out if you are passing. 

flowers by Wild Orchid

The older they get the more you appreciate and look after them.

Sometimes I dress them up to look Victorian or Country Rustic. I love to play with them and see what is the most eye catching.

My big jugs have even featured in magazine shoots like this one  for Homes and Antiques, the September issue.

So impressive a statement is the big purple jug that it was photographed twice.

This one was used recently to hide a radiator and add a splash of colour in a shoot Im doing for a yarn company. 

My jugs tend to go up and down in size but I find the bigger the better. Im sure you have all seen my small ones anyway in other photos.  Im still looking to add to my collection with a pink enamel one from France to match the Lavabo in my bathroom.

This blog post was sponsored by good old British innuendo and "Carry On" educational services. All photos and jugs are my own; the exclusive property of Janice Issitt.

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