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20 Oct 2013

Furry Props

I thought that for #Sunday Prop Shop this week I would post some photos of "when animals want to get in on the action". Wherever I go theres always some furry friend whose head ends up popping into shot. As I live with four cats then this is a regular occurrence if I'm shooting in my house, but it also seems to happen everywhere else I go.  

This was a shoot for Sophie Ray. Our lovely friend let us use her house and her old piano. Scooby the labrador just sat there, like he thought he was supposed to, and would not move until tempted by a biscuit from his mum.

At another friends house, Jane's enormous bull-mastif (soon to be a star of tv show 'Antiques Road Trip') just had to investigate the cushion I was photographing. 

Nelson's head is so big it could block out the sun. More biscuit bribes were necessary to move this behemoth. 

The summer pics in Sweden (below) where Boycie probably posed better than the girls, a shoot where everyone was bribed with cakes.

And then there are my cats, above Aston is wondering what I'm doing. Below, Coco (who is blind) just decided to settle herself on the bed and I didn't have the heart to move her. I was amazed that neither of them didn't just sit in the middle of the blanket as its so cosy and warm.

Here's Emily who didn't realise that this little shetland pony was watching her every move. 

And then sometimes a furry prop makes an appearance and its just the shot you need, even if you hadn't planned it.

What's the old adage "never work with animals or children". 
Mmmmmm .... seems like the animals have different ideas.

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