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25 Aug 2017

Hand Made with Love

Many years ago I had a stall at Camden Market where I sold things that I made by hand (glass products), and since that time I've tried my hardest to support anyone who is creating marvellous useable items on their kitchen table, just as I did back then.

Over the last few years some great hand made items have made their way into my home, via social media mostly. I have found some amazing and talented ladies who are producing small batches of high quality items which I can thoroughly recommend. But while I can tell you about them here, this is really just a message to say, do your best to support the small companies, the 'one man band's' who are following their hearts and making what they love, your support is essential and I guarantee you will get a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

One of my all time favourites, and a name I support over and over again with purchases, is The Botanical Candle Company.  Set up by Amalia, I am watching her dream grow gradually and steadily, due to the high quality of the product, once you have tried you will be a regular customer.  Amalia, produces candles, hand poured in soy wax, from tea lights to much larger containers and has a range where she uses old reclaimed pots, jars and enamel tins, every one unique.

On the 1st September, The Botanical Candle Company will be launching their winter scents, so I snapped up my usual favourite 'Greenhouse' before they change to a new range.  I expect there will be some lovely warm seasonal spicey aromas to perfume your home.

Recently I've been trying out some hand made goats milk soap from Salt and Spoon, who after their trial run, hope to selling small batches by the end of the year.  I spoke to Suki about her new lifestyle and why she has started to make her own soap, and she explained about how they have bought a small-holding in West Wales and will be doing their best to be self sufficient in many ways.

In the search for natural soap which is kind to sensitive skin, Suki decided to try goats milk cold pressed soap using just basic natural ingredients like locally sourced rapeseed oil instead of olive oil. Whilst her own goats aren't yet old enough to produce the milk, Suki is using the milk taken from her friends goats and by adding the ancient ingredient of Lye, in a very expert manner, she has found a formula which, when set and cured, is a creamy foamy kind and gently soap.  Keep a look out on the Salt and Spoon facebook and Instagram feeds for details of the first batches of her soap. 

This summer my skin has been saved (in many ways) by A.S Apothecary's 'First Aid Kit' number 10. If you check the website at http://www.asapoth.com  there is a beautiful story of 'seed to serum'. You can shop online or visit their flagship store in Lewes, where the process of smelling and touching their range will help you find the right product for your needs, first hand. 

Cheers to the ladies who are experimenting on their table, taking over the house with ingredients and producing carefully made, lovingly packaged, little treats for us, I salute you.

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