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18 Aug 2017

Counting Sheep and Wool Bedding.

Until last Christmas, I didn't even know there was such a thing as bedding filled with pure natural wool and now I can't get enough of it. Ladies who have started to get hot flushes at night will welcome as many natural bedding products as possible and the combination of the wool duvets and pillows, with linen covers is a dream.

I think the people at Woolroom must have read my mind, as I've been driving myself crazy trying to find good pillows. I find it so hard to get comfortable at night and my current pillows simply aren't helping.  So when they asked me to try out their range of pillows, duvets and mattress topper, I was completely over the moon.

There are so many reasons why wool filled bedding is better than synthetic or down, let alone the dubious way in which goose feathers are collected and from where!! 

Wool duvets don't have a tog rating, this was invented to explain the warmth of synthetic bedding, but as wool doesn't work in the same way as synthetic, then this is replaced with a simple, light, medium, warm rating. As we already know, wool works more naturally as a temperature regulator, even when on the sheep it keeps them cool when it's hot and warm when it's not. It also has the ability to draw moisture away from a warm perspiration, unlike synthetic which will just trap and exacerbate the situation.

At Woolroom they have also been perfecting their wool so that it can be machine washed without it felting or shrinking, just be sure to follow the instructions and use a wool setting at 30 degrees.  

All these factors also add up to the fact that sheep wool is also good for anyone with allergies, so if you have problems in this area then please have a read on their website as they explain a lot of interesting new facts about wool and allergies.

I really love the way Woolroom send out their bedding, no horrible plastic waste, but lovely natural cotton bags. When you take out your pillows you can unzip the side and reach straight into the wool to fluff it up, and you can also order an extra bag of filling to adjust the firmness of your pillow exactly.

So other than all these lovely practical facts about why choose wool, well here's one that most importantly appeals to me, at the Woolroom they are totally supporting the British wool industry. Having been involved with all things wool since 1888, this family business was helped by the regeneration of the industry in 2008 and The Campaign For Wool started by Prince Charles. The British wool industry had become non-profitable and in total decline so the Campaign set out to re-educate about the benefits of this natural product and about how special it is to the UK. Here in Britain we have 35 million sheep and lambs, across 63 breeds. 

As any knitter will know, different sheep, produce different wool for different purposes and at the Woolroom they use specific British wool in their bedding, which has more bounce than say Merino wool which would not be suitable for duvets but is fine for clothing.  As an animal welfare supporter, it also assures me to know that by using British sheep from known farmers, they are only using wool that comes from sheep who are well kept, happy and healthy. Sheep are intelligent and fussy animals, their conditions are reflected in the quality of their wool, so it's in the farmers interest to look after them and in the sheep's interest that they get sheared every year. 

Did you spot my dreamcatchers in these photos? You could say I'm bed obsessed, and you would be right. Good sleep is vital for good mental health.  During the years around the menopause, a cool nights sleep becomes a thing of the past for most women. Sharing a bed can become a nightmare, so at least with wool duvets, the heat is regulated around the individual so while he is cool and you are having the hot flush from hell, the duvet should be able to cope with both of you at the same time.

My dreamcatchers have been featuring in a few photos and I love making them from old crochet table cloths and doilies, it's a great way to re-purpose and to add a cool and delicate decoration to your bedroom.

Hop over to the thewoolroom.com for some great discounts and more information about why choose wool, there really is no reason not to.

It may be time for me to have a little afternoon doze now, call it a power nap .... zzzzz

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