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11 Sep 2017

LUSH Getaways to France - part one

If you love food, and you love cooking and travel then I've found the getaway for you that's both relaxing and exciting, educational and naughty. Get your diary out now and book yourself in for next year before all the places get snapped up, hit this link and make sure you secure the boutique room that suits your personality just perfectly https://www.lush-getaways.com/bookings-1  every room has an en-suite bathroom which is also decorated in a unique way.

this was my room in the eaves, I slept like a log every night and a few afternoons  

the decorative wall finishes were one of the many  inspirational design features.
The mother and daughter partnership that have formed LUSH Getaways (Kim and Johnelle) have put together a package of events featuring all the things they love.  Firstly the venue, a gorgeous manor house in the prettiest little town of Brantome France, (where Kim also has her shop called The Bohemians). Surroundings are so important to me as a fan of all things interior, and this house is really gorgeous, a big old stone Manor with shutters, a salt water pool and three floors of great antique and vintage items decorating the individual rooms. It has gorgeous floors of tiles and wood, and many great ideas like the downstairs loo which is wallpapered in old magazine pages. 

Bring to this the culinary skills of several top chefs, like Abigail Hitchcock from New York restaurant Camaje (85 MacDougal Street) and Justin Wright from San Francisco (about to start work with a new eatery) with a little help from their friend and local hotelier/artist Christophe Dupuy (Les Jarden de Brantome).

so many decorating ideas here

the sun setting over the square as the musicians strike up

every Monday they meet in this square  in  Bordeilles for food, dancing and music

Christophe and Aby chatting at the local farmers market

evening music played live outside a cute cafe

Garnish with local trips to the wine region and wine makers, some canoeing down the river Dronne and some thrift shop rummaging, add a sprig of al fresco evening food with music and a drizzle of yoga and massage and you are coming somewhere close to imagining the wonders of a Lush Getaway.

Californian Kim now lives in Brantome and during visits from her beautiful and stylish daughter, Johnelle, they cooked up this recipe for a beautiful gourmet retreat in the prettiest region of South West France. Ok, excuse all the culinary references but I can't resist it as I'm in chef mode!

every evening Brian prepared us the most mouth watering cocktails, he really came up with some great concoctions

fresh herbs picked from the garden of Christophe

Christophe guides Justin around his garden before cooking us a  delicious lunch  at his garden  restaurant and hotel.
At the 17th century Lush Manor we started the day with melt-in-the-mouth pastries from the local bakers and an individual dish prepared by Justin. I didn't know you could have such variety for breakfast, we tried pancakes, waffles, eggs and fruit, based (like every meal) on the choice of produce found in the local market. 

We shopped in town at the local butchers, market stalls and supermarket, took in the beautiful architecture, stopped for coffee and a snack while being guided around to see the local specialities.

I loved this butchers shop with its gingham bags of cured meat hanging from the ceiling. 

our relaxing lounge back at the manor

Merlot grapes ready to be picked
decorating ideas at the Manor

Every evening Johnelle's husband Brian mixed up some cocktails, every one a new masterpiece in it's own right. We often had canapes while we socialised in the lovely garden before going in to the dining room.  The talented team of designers from Johnelle's store (Mignonne Decor in San Francisco) had added pretty touches of greenery in cut glass and candles, the attention to detail was beyond exceptional and just the kind of thing that makes a holiday perfect. 

Next week I will run you through a rough diary of events on the Lush Getaways holiday for food lovers. Until then ... Bon Apetite

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