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31 Dec 2016

Happy New Year from Be Home Free

Well we made it - it's the end of 2016 and phew, what a year. I'm continuing next year as I mean to go on and how I lived my life for this last 12 months.

Just before Christmas in 2015 I was feeling pretty rubbish about myself, the menopause had hit me really hard, putting on weight around my waist, hot flushes every time I moved, I felt tired, and my face was sliding south to boot.  Feeling breathless everytime I tried to do something and getting horrible sweaty at the drop of a hat.  I can remember having a sleepless night while at a friends house and all I could think of all night was - I simply have to fix this. I got up the next morning and said to Rachel, 'right, I've decided I'm getting surgery". 

They say that money can't make you happy, but having worked all my life and because my parents have died, I find that I have a good early retirement income from savvy investments I made in my youth. So while the money sitting in the bank doesn't bring any joy, it can certainly help to make life better. That night I lay in bed I decided, I'm getting my figure and my face sorted out and as soon as January started I began to hunt down and book consultations with surgeons.  

I have documented here how happy I am with the results, and looking back I have definitely done the right things, I now look how I feel, and the lipo and facelift have left me healthier and more confident, not to mention the improvement a cosmetic makeover can give your mental health.

I also travelled more, became adventurous in staying in unusual places like yurts and shepherds huts and met a lot of good people in the process.

In 2016 I also launched my own hashtag on instagram and that community is so beautiful, I am so so happy and honoured every time you join in with it.  

@sarahpcorder took all these, her gallery is gorgeous

honourable mentions to fellow cat lovers @heatheryoung @lisapocklington and @_apothecary

I also learnt that life should be lived in the present, do as much as you can every week, and the passing of all the famous people we lost this year is testament to how we can't guarantee a long future, just make the most of it now. So with the frost on the ground, the cold preparing the growth for the spring and getting the bulbs ready to wake up, it's time to think about what I want to achieve next year.

I have already made a lot of plans for 2017 so that I can keep filling this blog with recommendations and tips.  I'm already planning the next photo shoot for Reclaim magazine with the dream team of Alice and Tamsyn.  I have a trip to Venice booked as it's been years since I've been and I thought I would see how it is off season when it's cheap to fly and find an apartment. (Return flights from Luton are so cheap right now and theres a discount on Air bnb too).

My curiosity in life and eagerness to grow includes several more workshops, learning new skills in the UK and Morocco and there's going to be a report about Easter in Sweden, looking at their traditions and customs.  

I pray that my health continues to be good and that yours does too. For without it nothing is possible.  Do whatever it takes to make the improvements you want for yourself, feeling good makes you function better for those around you if nothing else. Make hay while the sun shines.

So back to #behomefree.  It was so hard to choose one winner over all, but every entry I saw from this lady was stunning, so it is with great pleasure that I announce the winner of the goody bag from The Future Kept is Sarah - @sarahpcorder on instagram.  

If my cat lady friends would also like to send me their info, perhaps the new years fairy will bring their babies a little something too.

Sincere love to all who read this, your support means so much.  And don't forget my advise - act your shoe size not your age.  Love Janice age 4 and a half.

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