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7 Jan 2017

New Year New Looks

Oh my word, doesn't the house look bare now that 12th night has swept away all our Christmas decorations. The rooms seem a bit cold and harsh without the twinkles, and I know a few people who have left the odd fairy light string up to help them through the transition.

While in Oxford recently I visited my two favourite florists who always have the unusual.  I picked up some Cypress, I think it's called Italian Cypress as it has little nuts on it and beautiful hues of lilac and yellow.  It's shape was slightly curved so I could see that it would work as a wreath.

For some time I have wanted to make a giant wreath, but I needed a hula hoop to start with.  Having tracked one down, it was flourescent pink so I gave it a coat of dark green chalk paint.

After this I wired moss to the hoop, and wound some bendy twigs over that. This gave the hoop some thickness and texture, something to weave and wire other things into it.

Another bit of home styling I've been doing, is planting bulbs in all sorts of different containers.  The signs of growth are so very cheerful - don't you think?

I had a rather unsightly space on my wall, actually I need to paint the wall but that will have to wait.  

We have a hook above this table so I have thought I may also hang the giant wreath at some point.  It is quite likely that I will change it's look through the season, I'm not sure how long the Cypress will last.  

I can't wait for all the indoor bulbs to start flowering, I've planted them in wooden troughs, china tureens, all kinds of things.

And so next week I'm off to Venice and this is my winter travel wardrobe.  I picked up a feather filled puffer jacket from Zara, I think this is one thing they are really good at, although generally the cut of their clothes doesn't work for me.

The leather look jeans are '7 for all mankind' and were in the sale at Amelie in Berkhamsted, tucked into UGG biker boots and topped off with a cashmere sweater from M&S.  I'm keeping it all black as it's easier to pack light that way, just layers as I think it's going to be pretty nippy in Venice, and comfort for the feet as there will be a lot of walking to do.  

My main form of exercise is walking around with my camera, particularly in foreign cities.  I walked so much when I went to Amsterdam and I hope to do lots in Venice too. I've got a lovely leather back pack from Agnes B which helps to distribute the weight of my very heavy camera.  

I should be back here with the photos of my exploring next week, and hope to find some gems to share with you.

Keep warm, stay safe xx love Janice

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