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21 Dec 2016

Urban Jungle Bloggers and Be Home Free Festive Finale 2016

It's nearly the last post of the year and I'm struggling to keep up. I'm not particularly busy, just had a nasty flu virus which started only two weeks after my face surgery. Unfortunately it travelled into my ears and I have the most awful infection which is making my head feel like a lump of wood.  

I've tried to pull some photos together for the Urban Jungle Bloggers theme of 'festive plant styling' however, my mojo got up and left days ago and I'm going through a phase of hating all my photos and styling.  Are all creatives like this, I think probably yes.

So If we are to look at our indoor greenery at this time of year then we can't neglect the festive additions of a spruce tree and the grannies classic ponsettia plant.  I think we get one just to be reminded of our mums and nans.  

The lack of light during these winter days is not helping my photo mojo either, it's pretty much too dark by 2pm.  I haven't been able to get my head together enough to work out my options.

I'm currently forcing some spring bulbs which I will need in January for an exciting photo shoot, I hope I can time it just right, if not well, I will enjoy them anyway, it's so nice to have sprouting flowers just after Christmas.

I was worried that the lack of light through the house would affect my plants, I've lost a few due to neglect while I was ill and so I've put a selection of the others in the conservatory to lap up a bit of daylight, I've even put a heater in there for them to take the chill off.  

At least I can take enormous pleasure the the #behomefree tagged photos, one lucky winner will received some surprise gifts from our favourite company "The Future Kept" and I will announce them at the end of the month, please enjoy the beauty of the following entries;

@ridasj @aquietstyle @lisapocklington @fishman1963

@sigridsminde @brigittegita

@rachelandhercoffee @kelkijojoface @peschkart @trish.sweetnellie

@tamsynmorgans @actual_pheonix @lunaa80 @alison_sadler

@ehpyle @contemporary_life @c_colli @myyellowjumper
There's still time to join with Be Home Free by tagging a photo, the winner will receive their gift in the New Year.

Here's me signing off for a short while and wishing you all peace, love and roast potatoes a plenty.

With my warmest wishes - Janice Issitt
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