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25 Jul 2016

Chinese Money Plant Babies

My Pilea Peperomiodes has had babies! thank you, thank you, congratulations are in order for the miracle that this plant has thrived in my very incapable hands.  Also know as The Chinese Money Plant she has sprouted loads of little babies and so I took the gamble and snipped them off, dunked them in hormone rooting powder and planted them up.

I scoured the kitchen and cupboards for small individual pots for the baby plants and suddenly I spied this art deco coffee set. I bought this coffee set in Sweden because it is so adorable, however, it will never get used for coffee as the cups are so ridiculously tiny, they would never satiate our gallon sized appetites today.

Finally though, Ive found a use for the cups and milk jug and I think they look so dinky. Serendipitously, this week one of my sponsors - Rose & Grey, set us a styling challenge and this mini glass greenhouse arrived in the post.

Such perfect timing as these cups are seriously delicate and get knocked over so easily.  The mini glass greenhouse will keep them all in one place, away from the swinging tails of cats, and help to propagate my little money plants.

I like to make little nature tables all over the house, I can see this greenhouse being quite handy for all sorts of things. It's good to group display items together and I think it would look great full of shells and air plants too.

To get your own Mini Glass Greenhouse, pop over to Rose & Grey, it is brand new stock and perhaps you can also put an old coffee set to use with plant cuttings. 

There's nothing else to do now but cross my not-so green fingers and see if the baby Pilea's get roots!  

As a side note I also have baby hedgehogs which I am trying to hand rear, I volunteer for a wildlife animal hospital and this time of year they had hundreds of baby hedgehogs coming in for care, found by the public in many different circumstances, but all needing our help. They are so hard to hand rear, but it is really worth the effort to try and save this endangered species. Wish me luck. 

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