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29 Jul 2016

August Sponsors

If you have signed up to my newsletter then you will already had an advance preview of this months prizes, thank you for joining up.  

The #BeHomeFree tag is picking up some stunning photos, Im so happy to have found so many new accounts with beautiful feeds to inspire me. 

As I've been writing about baskets everywhere, here, on Pinterest and on At Mine, I thought it would be great to be able to give one away this month.  So I cheekily asked Hayley at Southwood Stores if I could have one of her best sellers, the big basket with gold sequins.

Also this month I have been styling some looks for a vase that was sent to me from One World Trading, so it seemed good timing to gift a vase as there are so many flowers to be snipped from the garden and even growing wild. Most of my photos will have flowers in them somewhere, their colours and styles setting the tone and mood.

Both of these pieces are perfect for summer home styling, the basket is very versatile, either for plants or as a tidy place for blankets.

I like the shape of this vase as it is wide at the neck but just the right size opening to hold a posy in place, it is quite a classic shape, working with both vintage and traditional.

Please join me again this month for #BeHomeFree showing me your summer photos of home, away and moments. 

If you simply can't wait to get hold of one of these then please check out Southwood Stores and One World Trading where you can find them.  Good luck, have a lovely summer holiday.

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