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2 May 2015

May Day Posies for Styling Spring At Mine

So in continuation of my previous post about attending the workshop at Homemade London, we also had the opportunity to make a May Day Posey and were given the cutest jar to put it in which came from the very generous Rose and Grey.  I didn't want to take too many flowers as I was afraid they wouldn't make the train journey home. Knowing that I had bluebells and forget-me-nots in the garden I have added and changed it to make two posies, one for me and one for my neighbour.

my posey in the cute jar from Rose and Grey
There are many traditions around the May bank holiday, all dating back to pagan and Roman times.  The Little Green Shed company told us about how on May the first you should gather spring flowers and hang them on a neighbours door.  And so I did ...

The festival of Flora, the Roman Goddess of flowers, heralds the beginning of summer. Many customs are still observed, however we decided to swap maypole dancing for tea and macaroons.

And heres my neighbours flowers with some of her collection of perfume bottles. I love to add cow-parsley in with the flowers at this time of year but it can be a bit smelly so I also put a few springs of mint in there.

To see how my other compatriots got on with their posies you can find us all on instagram under the #stylingspringatmine hashtag.

If you fancy having a go at Styling The Seasons the topic set by Lobster & Swan for next month is Treasure. 

I shall have to put my thinking cap on for that one. 
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