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30 Apr 2015

Homemade London hosts Styling Spring At Mine

WARNING; this blog post contains a lot of gushing, love and daftness.

Yesterday I actually left the shire! Like a hobbit on a quest I got on a train to the big smoke, how exciting.

And what was my quest? well to find the ring of course! I have heard tell of the perfect Spring wreath, although until now the sight of one has escaped me, I do believe it looks something like this ...

This quest was brought to me via Instagram, a magical covern of special ladies had come up with the idea to run a competition where you take a photo of a styled area within your house that is reflective of the season.

The circle of special ladies then chose their own favourite photo and invited that lucky person to join them at a very stylish location.

And so the journey began.

The location was in a beautiful part of town, Portman Village. Opposite a house of glorious food (Gails) on 21 Seymour Place is Homemade London who host craft parties of all kinds.

The head wizards who had this concept and brought it all together can be found in their virtual worlds called Apartment Apothecary  and Lotts & Lots, their names being Katy and Charlotte. They then went about casting their magical spells to bring along other great and wise creatures.  Providing the expert tuition in how to make a wreath was Caroline Grimble of Wild Rubus and she used the flowers supplied by Bloom & Wild who have a very special concept to their company.

Bloom & Wild deliver flowers in a box! What is this kind of magick I hear you ask, yes they put beautiful blooms in a box and send it flying through the atmosphere and right through your letterbox. You don't even have to be at home to receive it!

And so, chief wizards Katy and Charlotte began to pull their team together, and along came 'At Mine'a new concept in how to view interior design. If you love to decorate your hobbit-hole then this is an online community of other like minded people, posting photos of their real homes and crediting the clever designers and shops from whence they purchased said items.

Emily Quinton
 author of Maker Spaces a book about creative hobbits and their workshops

Charlotte from Lotts & Lots who can also be found making glorious jewels

To see the judges names and who they chose pop to http://www.apartmentapothecary.com/photo/the-winners-2/

The spell had been set, the forces of the universe were in play through the portal Instagram, and so, reaching amazing creative photograph takers far and wide the quest began. 

This is Xanthe who is very akin to Lady Galadriel, one of the greatest in middle earth, surpassing others in beauty knowledge and power 
The incredibly beautiful Tamsyn who weaves pastel dreams at
  The Villa On Mount Pleasant

Really could anyone concentrate, I was too excited to be in the same room as all these fabulous people

my special mentor who chose me, and we bear the same inked marks upon ourselves
 also,Jeska who is is also known as Lobster and Swan

       And so armed with their iphones the creating began. 

There was also cake, and coffee, and pastries. Yes I had died and gone to heaven

It was a glorious day, the rain and cold did not deter us, I cannot thank all the above enough for doing such a wonderful sharing thing. When working in isolation, taking photos at home, creating collages and scenes that please the eye, how great to meet up with people who 'get it'.  My door in Buckinghamshire is open to all of you and I sincerely hope that we have a chance to do this again.

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