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9 Feb 2015

Painters In Residence Moroccan Boho Bedroom

The last of my projects for Painters In Residence has now been posted up by Annie Sloan and it's my Moroccan Bedroom.

Actually this bedroom is an illusion, it's my conservatory that I use as a studio and I built this set to show what could be achieved with paint and colour. 

The back wall is the colour Provence with a Mandala in Napoleonic Blue.  Mandalas are traditionally used in meditation and so I did my own twist on this by designing and cutting my own stencil.

You only have to cut one quarter of the design as you can repeat it to form the circle.  The designs were a collage of various patterns I had seen with some alterations done on the template before cutting. 

The table was dark brown wood.  I first painted inside the carved areas so they would show through underneath the top coat.

The floor was a quarry tiled dark rust colour which I have never really liked so I was more than happy to see what happened when I put paint onto it. I first painted each tile alternate colours and let those dry.  I cut my own stencils again, a variety of different designs and then painted these onto the tiles. Once dry all the tiles were covered with the clear lacquer from Annie Sloan which seals and protects them.  On a few of the tiles I picked up some tiny details with gold leaf and varnished over it. 

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The bed came from good old e-bay, it was painted in Barcelona orange and varnished with the same lacquer as I used on the floor. I again cut a stencil, Im a big fan of peacock feathers I even have some tattooed on my leg, it was also a play on 'feather bed'.

The bed coverings are called Kantha Quilts and are made from old saris held together with a Kantha stitch, made and hand sewn in India. A great way to up cycle old saris.

The little screen was mainly in Old Violet but I created an Ombre effect using yellows, orange and red, mixing them as I went along. This again was dark wood and it just goes to show how well the chalk paint covers.

The three Painters In Residence were given three months to come up with their completed projects and very soon the next batch of recruits will be handed the baton.  I hope my approach has been an inspiration to some of you to be brave with colour. I don't consider myself a great painter but I do get carried away with a vision. I find that if it doesn't work then what's the worse that can happen? Well you just paint over it and put it down to experience.  I rarely do any work now without the Chalk Paint coming out at some point, for photographic backdrops and props to changing the walls in my house to match the new furniture makeovers. I seem to be on a mission to eliminate beige, boring and dull so if this triggers even the slightest idea with you to go bold with colour and add some details then I hope it makes you as happy as it makes me. Love Jx

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