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20 Oct 2017

Getting All Hygge again

It's that time of year again - let's all get that Hygge feeling !
So here's my top 5 tips of the best ways to do that Danish cozy thing that we have all embraced so heartily.

Number One ; Real Fires

For me there is only one option for a good and eco friendly fire, and that's products from Lekto Wood Fuels, who make all their bricks and fire lighters from the unused wood shavings that normally get thrown away.

The British company Lekto have been making their wood fuel for over twenty years, and they are suitable for open fires, multi-fuel burners, and firewood stoves. I can confirm that their wood wool fire lighters catch super fast, as do the briquettes, yet their burning time is good and they leave virtually no mess behind in the grate. It will save you so much time in cleaning out the ashes, are clean and dry and very easy to store. 

Number two; wool bedding 

It's been a revelation to me, as I'd simply never heard of wool bedding until last year, but again, this British Company WoolRoom have found a chemical free, totally natural way to keep warm and cozy in the winter, and cool in the summer with duvets, pillows, mattress protectors, toppers and more; all made from british wool or alpaca fibres, encased in natural cotton.

The natural wool sleep products are good for those with allergies and made without harming any animals.

Literally every time I change the bedding my Ziggy is there like a shot, padding and purring and snuggling up, he is the biggest fan of wool bedding, and we all know that cat's are excellent at choosing the most comfortable place to sleep.

I do appreciate that allergy sufferers are horrified that my cat's sleep in my bed, but with the help of a good pet hoover, we can all snuggle down together and they make good hot water bottles when you're feet are cold.

Number Three ; Candles

Hands up who else is obsessed with candles, for me particularly scented ones and beeswax ones. Find them hand poured into lovely old containers, or make your own by melting church candles into pretty cut glass bowls.  

Make sure you are safe with naked flames, so find a lovely candle shelter like the one here from Rose & Grey.

Number four ; cushions and rugs

Whether it's lovely Moroccan Berber or fur, rugs not only look cozy but also great under foot by the sofa or fireside.

Change your summer cushions and rugs over from cottons to wools, from linens to furs, it's time to get the Scandi chic vibe going in time for the cold season.

Number five ; warm food and hot drinks ... 

Whether it's a hot milky drink, a root vegetable soup or just your morning porridge, keep it health and comforting and get that warm glow on the inside as well as the outside. 

Last but by no means least, get yourself some lovely hand knits, or better still learn to knit and make a chunky sweater or just hat and gloves, real wool is breathable unlike acrylics and often hard to find in knitwear on the high street, and by making items yourself, you get to choose the wool and colour from a much larger range. 

I've got a fancy for a lovely ochre, mustard coloured jumper but not sure I have the time to knit the whole thing, so keeping my eyes peeled with some of my favourite clothing brands.  Be sure to watch out on Instagram for some of my winter looks. 

Love Janice x

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