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14 Oct 2017

Annie Sloan, Oxfam and new colour Lem Lem

This weekend sees the launch of a limited edition colour of Annie Sloan's chalk paint.  This fresh green is called Lem Lem and has been inspired and created in conjunction with Oxfam and Annie's visit to Ethiopia. Delighted to be given the chance to try out this new colour, I set about hunting down the perfect thing to paint. 

As the colour is based on the green fields of Alliums at the Ethiopian Seed Project, and the word means 'to flourish', I knew I wanted to do something with plants.  After a few days hunting the charity shops in my area I finally found the perfect thing, and taking the idea from my Reclaim magazine shoot about botanicals, I spotted that this chair had the perfect recess when the seat was removed.

The chair was £7.50 as the seat cushion had degraded so much, but I could straight away see that the cushion would not be used as the handy storage area under the seat would make a perfect hole for planting.

My intentions with this chair are that it could be inside or outside, the succulents are a mixture of both indoor and outdoor ones, and I think that during these cooler months, this would work perfectly in a conservatory.  It's a great way of grouping plants together as well, and if outside, the back of the chair gives some shelter.

The fresh natural colour of Lem Lem is just so perfect, inspired by plants, it tones so well, and becomes an organic object in it's own right.

If you want to see how others have used it then follow the tag #anniesloanandoxfam and you can see some fabulous videos on Annie's facebook page of her visit to Ethiopia.

Every pot of Lem Lem sold will raise money for Oxfam GB, so head down to your local stockists or order online from Annie Sloan Home direct, (if you click on that link it will go straight to Lem Lem).

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