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1 Feb 2017

January 2017 Be Home Free

Hi there to all the new people who are joining with #behomefree over on instagram.  My roundup for January 2017 has a cool feel, despite getting no snow where I live, and possibly feeling fairly cheated by this, I have chosen some pale and interesting photos and some with blue touches.

limited edition print from Curious Egg

My own version of this colour palette includes this beautiful limited edition print from Curious Egg.
Encouraging the collecting of art is my main motivation, and so to find artists who can suggest ways to display their work, and shop from curators who travel the world discovering new talent, makes me happy.

Curious Egg has been a new discovery for me, and their art section is really very good. So it's probably no surprise, that the owner Lorraine Aaron is an artist herself, as she has an eye for the different and inspired.  Their ethos to bring art and interiors together fills a yawning gap in the market and their travels have uncovered some amazing talent.

I urge you to look at their website, it's so interesting and full of good content, I could spend quite a considerable time there.

Over then to #behomefree, and please show lots of hearts to these accounts who consistently post good content. It would be great if we could just all support each other, together we are stronger.

I'm hoping we can link up with more and more parts of the world just using a hashtag, and get the message across that home is where the heart is and support can come in many forms.

@fabricofmylife @carina.michelli @wild_meadow @abookishbaker

@catesthill @hannie65 @erikaappelstrom @lapinblu

@so_siehts_jinke @so_siehts_jinke @the_curious_north @oandystudio
My overall favourite this month comes from a glorious account called Nihao Planet, which is a lifestyle store of simple and sophisticated items and they snapped this photo in a shop in China called @whiteisgoodshop. I found it so unusual and sculptural.

So here's an exciting announcement - one of the best things I received last year for review was some wood logs from Lekto Woodfuels, I'm still burning the composite logs they sent and I've never known anything to be so efficient.  They hardly leave any ash behind and so, fire after fire, I've hardly had to sweep the fireplace.  They have kindly offered two bags of hardwood logs to the next months winner of Be Home Free !!  so if you have a fireplace, wood burner or such, get posting and tell your friends to as well.  A theme of fireplaces would obviously go down really well!!

Love and hugs to all my readers, yours support is amazing.  I will strive to bring you good and honest content as much as I possibly can.  All the hearts Janice Issitt
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