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28 Jan 2017

Burano the island of colour

Many people know of the island just off Venice called Murano, but they are missing a trick because just a little further out is Burano and boy, this is a photographers paradise.

Murano is where glass is produced, but personally I find it rather dull, we changed boats at Murano as we had gone to the wrong bus stop, there are two ways to get here from the main island of Venice on public transport.  You can get a boat to Murano from outside the main train station, but then you have to walk a little way around Murano to find the stop for Burano.  Or you can go direct but you need to go to the bus stop at the far north of Venice (the route the airport bus comes, its just round the corner from the church called 'Chiesa dei Gesuiti', if you look on the map its the side of Venice that faces Murano.

Once you are there you are a bit of a captive audience, so warning about getting food, you don't have a huge choice and what there is can be over priced.  So either take a bit of a pack lunch or eat at the little coffee places, the one where the boats leave from do deep fried calamari snacks and it looked really good and warming.

Stories go that the reason behind the painted houses were for the fishermen to be able to see their cottage from out at sea.  Now probably more done for the tourists, the colours are incredible and every house has put in the effort to place cute flowers on the windows, colour match their mop and bucket and even their washing.

It really is so much fun just to wander through the side streets using the brilliant walls as backgrounds to photos and hunting down little vignettes of cute.

I found myself thinking about which of my friends would live in which house, especially some of my instagram buddies who are associated with certain colour pallettes. 

Strange thing was, I never did find the paint shop that stocks all these colours, you would think that they must be the busiest shop on the island.

This really is an instagramers paradise.

If you time your journey just right then you can catch the sunset on your return trip to Venice.  

I hope my dazzling array of photos gives you the idea of what to expect on Burano.

Next week we are back in the UK looking at Welsh pottery, quite the opposite!

See you over on instagram, love Janice 
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