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27 Nov 2016

Urban Jungle Bloggers - Creative Plant Pots

I am a huge supporter for the hand made and for artisan products, most especially for ceramics as it's the one area where I am absolutely useless.

I find, like most makers, I can turn my hand to a lot of artistic things; embroidery, stained glass, silversmithing, knitting, these are all areas where I can make something passable but for some reason I can't get my head round ceramics.

Do you know what I think it is?  I don't like getting my hands mucky, particularly getting clay under my nails.  Sounds a bit OCD I guess but show me an artist that doesn't get obsessive about something. 

This year I've been drawn to a particular blue glaze and planters with this colour and little feet.  It's quite an achievement to get hold of a piece of work by Stella Baggott of Atelier Stella (www.atelierstella.co.uk) whose work I first saw in one of Igor Josif's photos for Urban Jungle Bloggers.  Stella has flash sales which sell out immediately so you have to hover on her site at the time of the sale and just be super quick in snapping up these creations.  Based in Brighton, Atelier Stella can sometimes be bought at open studios and pop up shops.  

Actually these photos have a 'Brighton' theme, as most of the other things here are from the pop up open studio at 64 Sandgate (as featured in an earlier post). Which leads me nicely onto the other planter, the gorgeous round one with a turquoise glaze. The ceramists is Father Christmas's doppleganger, Chris Murphy whose instagram account is @gitagrip and you can also find him on facebook as Chris Murphy Ceramics.

I've made a garland from a branch and on this hangs some of the other pieces bought at 64 Sandgate, the felted mushroom by Emma at Sew Recycled (Emma has an etsy shop), the turquoise stars by Holly Bell (www.hollybell.co.uk), cute paper mistletoe by @apetalunfolds who also has an etsy shop under that name, and last but not least, the white china stars from Ceramic Magpie - Katie Robbins.  

The candles above are from my own online shop where you can order these from Oggetto as well as from other suppliers, I've put them in some old tin cups, an idea I got from Tamsyn when we worked on the Reclaim magazine photo shoot, the mag is still on the shelves or you can order it online.  The centre candle is another maker I love to support, The Botanical Candle Company - Amalia Apothecary.  

I hope you enjoyed meeting my favourite planters, and if you hop over to Urban Jungle Bloggers you will find links to other bloggers favourites. 

Coming soon is my second part of my Romanian trip... and more about my recovery from surgery (which is going so remarkably well I can't quite believe it).

Love as always Janice Issitt
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