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23 Nov 2016

Be Home Free Christmas

The beautiful Be Home Free hashtag gallery of sumptuous photos is growing every month into a collection to be proud of.  It reflects our lives, our moments, the seasons and the every changing light. Low winter sun often burning bright but cool causing quite dramatic shadows, the shorter days pushing us inside to warm fireplaces and hot drinks.

As the blaze of autumn now lays mostly on the pavements and roadsides, the colours around us take on the brown and grey hues of winter, all the more reason to decorate our homes with greenery foraged and found. Any little pops of red are more than welcome and all of a sudden we are in the Christmas spirit.

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The winter solstice falls just one month away, on the 21st December and the combination of pagan and christian rituals become a melange of all that is good in the world.  The hoarding and sharing of food, storing up these goodies for the day of celebration, and whether your memories of this time are based on 1970's or set in the 1870's 
this is a time to be thankful for the simple things.

Decorating the home with nature get's into full swing over the next few weeks, adding to it day by day with lights, scents and sights.

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Real fires crackle, hot chocolate steams, warm blankets over knees and candles lit.  Let's settle down for a few minutes of calm and look at this collection of photographers who, with a keen eye and a sensitive heart, share their moments with us at Be Home Free.

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