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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Reclaim Magazine Christmas Competition

Earlier this year, Tamsyn Morgans, Alice Roberton and myself had a brainstorm about how to create a reclaimed Christmas, using vintage props and a bit of up-cycling the result can be seen in this month's issue of the glossy magazine - Reclaim.

We had such fun playing with looks and ideas in my home, thinking of alternative items for Christmas trees and ways to display baubles and lights. Tamsyn had great ideas for wrapping presents and Alice had some pretty vintage wallpapers for making tags.

From today, the 10th November you have one week to win yourself a six month subscription to Reclaim magazine, starting from the next available issue.

Here's all you have to do - leave a comment here saying why you would like to win, or hop over to instagram, follow @reclaimmag and myself and tag a photo #reclaimmag_christmas (you can post your own photo or re-post one of mine).  

I will be picking five UK based winners after the 17th and pass your names and addresses onto the subscriptions department so they can post out your magazines.

Good luck with the competition, I think it's a fabulous offer, please tell all your friends.

Love and peace to you - Janice Issitt

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  1. I would love to win this! Glossy mags are (having recently taken the plunge as a self-emplyed atist and printmaker) a real indulgence. We've been in our little house for a year now - an 18th century cottage - and although downstairs looks beautiful I'm looking for some gorgeous inspiration for the bedrooms and (tiny) workroom. I'm a magpie for vintage finds so please consider me as one of your lucky winners!
    Sarah :)


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