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12 Nov 2016

Brighton Open Studios - 64 Sandgate

My last official event of the year (as on Monday I go into hospital for a cheeky bit of cosmetic tweeking, call it a 50,000 mile MOT!) was to visit a group of artists in Brighton all exhibiting at 64 Sandgate.  This will take place for the last three weekends of November and the work there is beautiful.

The artist Philippa Stanton, better known as '5ftinf' over on instagram, has curated works of other artists and given them the opportunity to take part in a pop up shop in her home. Philippa's own work in oils is stunning and she has also reproduced her iconic instagram photos into a calendar and jigsaw.

During the open studio weeks Philippa also turns her art shed into an installation and this November it is a sensation for the olfactory sense.

Inspired by her work earlier this year with perfumiers Floris, Philippa has hidden scents in boxes and cupboards all around the shed for you to guess the smell. The overall effect to me was churches but as a lot of the scents are the kind that bring back childhood memories, the whole feeling is enormously comforting.

Of course, the whole shed is a delight of arranged objects, I love the nod to Christmas with the log cabin and snowy cards, boosted by the natural spruce branches tucked under the sofa.

I have come home with a lovely planter which I will be featuring in a future Urban Jungle Bloggers post, a stunning piece of jewellery and some cute christmas decorations which include paper mistletoe, a felted toadstool and ceramic stars, (I will be making some kind of garland from these so keep a look out on instagram).

Still time to get along and buy from the maker a gift for yourself or a loved one that is totally unique and also experience something very special in the scented shed.

You can find 5ftinf on instagram and facebook (also as 64 Sandgate).
I will be tagging some of the other artists leading up to Christmas when their items will no doubt feature in my festive faffing.

Oh yes, and me, well I will also keep you updated on my surgery over the month all being well and providing I'm not too grumpy.

Love and peace - Janice Issitt
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