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27 May 2016

Swedish Air and Antiques

As you may know, I pop to Sweden quite a lot to see my best mates, my god-daughters and to photograph for the Van Asch catalogue. On this last trip I also had the opportunity to meet again, a group of business women and chatted to them about expanding their network with the use of a hashtag, so when this little plan comes together, they will be looking for brand representatives in the blogging world and for other Scandinavian women to join in with that community.  I will be spreading the word to all you Scandophiles (is that a word) as soon as the plan comes to fruition.  

I really fancied a bit of a country jaunt to somewhere unexplored for myself and my friends, somewhere not too far from Stockholm as we had the girls in the car, affordable and fun, so we got onto Air bnb and found some great places.

We most fancied exploring around Uppsala, and I always love to pop to Sigtuna, so we plumped for this little cottage, in the garden of the Air bnb owners, near to a castle called Vik.  

Nothing says Sweden more than these little red houses with the green and white around the windows.

Our little dolls house of a cottage was absolutely adorable, it did seem to need a bit of an airing to our towney noses however, but as it was only one night we treated it as an adventure more than a luxury.  After much driving around in circles, we finally found it, directions could have been  a bit better, luckily though we kept phoning the owners and telling them where we were, eventually we found the road between the big red barns that led to the cottage in the woods.

Inside there were some super cute rooms.  On route we visited many Loppis and as the weather had taken a sharp cold turn, we bought some extra layers and dress up clothes for a night of watching Eurovision in our play house.

I have written before about Loppis, but if you aren't familiar with that term let me explain.  A Loppis is a kind of junk shop, garage sale, carboot, kinda thing. Anyone can put a sign up outside their house with "Loppis" written on it and you just go and have a good old rummage.  They vary enormously, some are just a small garage of unwanted items, some are a thriving cornucopia of antiques and collectables run in a professional manner.  Some are a dusty old mess and others beautifully laid out and displayed.

The great thing about Loppis is that there is something for everyone, so you can give the youngsters some money and they go off and find all kinds of toys, jewellery, dress up clothes, while mum is swooning over old tins, kitchenalia and furniture.

I found lots of lovely wooden things, chopping boards, the big scoop, pastry cutters, cake tins, enamel ware and so on.

And a trip to visit Van Asch wouldn't be complete without the collecting of mad props for photos, this time we hired some taxidermy from a tattoo shop in Stockholm.  We checked that the taxidermy was all ethically sourced and came away with a swan and a crow.  I also managed to pick up these cute little antlers (antlers - why am I so obsessed with them?) as I'm working on my logo of antlers and flowers.  If any illustrators out there could draw and paint me a really detailed one I would love that. During the break down of the set we built I also managed to drop a heavy backdrop on my foot and chipped the bone in my toe - pain like no other I have ever experienced and the first time I've ever broken a bone!

I would definitely do the Air bnb in Sweden again for a one night road trip with the girls, they are very reasonably priced too and a very authentic experience.

Until next week then - hey da, vi ses.

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