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23 May 2016

Healing Aromas

My house smells incredible at the moment, it is a real feast for the senses in every aspect. I often talk about colour and how it affects mood, but this week it's all about aromas.

For a few years now I've been getting a bit obsessed with fragranced candles, probably coinciding with a quite a few things.  I have very sensitive sinuses and have started to get a bad reaction to anything with fumes, like paint, glue, bleach ... you get the picture.  It manifests in the most awful headaches and sometimes allergy like symptoms, like Im coming down with the flu. So, calming of the nose is much required.

Without spending the whole blog post talking about my ailments, I have also at times suffered with anxiety and at the peak of that I became obsessed with lavender bags. So it's just starting to dawn on me that there really must be something behind aromatherapy, and although I'm not the greatest representative for natural therapies, you have to admit that there is definitely something to be said for recognising our bodies demands and functions.

The theory behind aromatherapy is that through the inhalation of essential oils, the brain is stimulated and connects to the limbic system, a complex system of nerves and networks which control instinct and emotions.  Having tackled personally the illogical affects of anxiety, I completely understand the fight or flight mechanism, and the ways to control fear. So reaching them through the nose makes perfect sense to me.  

In these photos you can see the diffuser from Organic Aromas.com which I asked if I could try out, I was keen to witness the inhalation of essential oils through a diffuser which doesn't adulterate the pure aroma. While it does plug in and makes a pleasing colour glow at it's core, there is no heat or water involved in this process, yet it produces an extremely fine mist, a vapour of pure essential oil, straight into the atmosphere. 

In this process the original chemical structure of the oil remains intact and the fine vapour is quickly absorbed into the body. This little teardrop works it's magic in a far more efficient way than anything else around.

 My diffuser came with a bottle of Signature Blend, which contains;
 Elemi, Clary Sage, Cajeput, Bergamot, and Chamomile Morocco. I did find this has a slightly medical smell, but on further investigation realised that it is really suitable for me right now, as I've currently had a few medical procedures. Here's what all the elements do: 

Elemi is conducive to the healing of wounds and can promote the growth of new skin.

Clary Sage has anti-depressant and anti-septic elements.

Cajeput has disinfectant function and is good for respiratory system and to boost immune system.

Bergamot is thought to lower body temperature and is a good sedative.

Chamomile is also calming and a powerful anti-inflammatory.

I'm also going to try a few of the other blends as I do like nice earthy warm smells like patchouli, rosewood and frankincense.

Trying to relax is really an art-form, it can take quite a lot of effort to wind down when you have a busy life. Having had some major changes in my life ten years ago I can honestly say it took many years to unwind from the pace of London. It's all about balance but putting that into practise can be harder than it looks.  Smell, breathing, it's key to relaxing and clearing the mind, and can help you to focus and meditate.

And of course, breathing the aromatherapy vapour is something that can be done while doing so many other things, reading and knitting would be my choice.

After my first real blast with the vapour, during the evening, I slept better than I had done for a very long time, a good deep sleep when normally I wake having hot flushes (oh Im painting such a glamorous picture here aren't I), I slept so well in fact I overslept and forgot to watch Game Of Thrones. I'm a bit shocked at how well it worked actually. 

If you pick up a copy of either 91 Magazine or Homes & Antiques, you will see some small contributions from me this month.  Both are excellent reads to take your mind off the day to day.

Isn't it strange how memories connected to scent and sound are the strongest, they can be connected to some very powerful emotions too.
I probably like patchouli because we all wore it back in the 70's with our hippy beads and cheesecloth.  If smell can carry you back to a different time and place then perhaps we don't give it enough credit.

A lot of discussion is had between bloggers about how much we talk about our personal lives, I think it's important to be honest but not bore the pants off people, to be positive and realistic at the same time, so when you read a blog, whether it's mine or another, remember that no-one has a perfect life, we all have dark moods, health problems and other worries. Maybe the duty of a blogger is to entertain and inform and also look at the beauty around us, but in doing so that may make our lives seem unreal.  

I don't want to be the old lady at the back of the bus who never stops going on about her hospital visits, but if my experiences can help someone else feel less alone with theirs, then I will aim to do that here. 

For more information about the Organic Aroma diffuser range have a look at https://organicaromas.com/

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