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6 May 2016

making it wonderful everyday

The latest hashtag I've been going crazy for is the Ikea one, #WonderfulEveryday. It completely describes what I'm trying to achieve in my life.

It warms the cockles of my heart that so many people are embracing the concept of slow living, something I definitely did not do in my youth, but I'm well and truly ready for it now. 

Whether approaching retirement or just choosing not to work so much, filling the empty spaces between what you have to do and need to do, is very important. Time is precious and as it ticks away I'm making plans, always making sure that there is something to look forward to in the diary.  Taking life by the scruff of the neck and giving it a massive shake. But fulfillment doesn't have to be frantic. 

Keeping my hands busy at all times, making things for myself or others, this ethos of creating something from nothing is integral in my life.  A hand knitted gift is always well received. It is also very therapeutic, a great stress reliever and proven to lower blood pressure. 

Volunteering in areas that you love, donating your precious time to help others, there is nothing more rewarding.  For me it's animals and particularly wildlife and on our rescue missions we meet other animal lovers who, like us, will go the extra mile to help out the wildlife around them. Fresh air, finding new places and interacting with nature, all these go along with the work.

Earlier this week we were called out to save a swan who had been attacked, unfortunately she did not make it and died on top of her eggs on the nest. We moved her body so that the male swan could take over, he seems to be doing very well on his own, so we hope he manages to rear the baby signets as a single parent. The people living locally are buying swan food and keeping a very close eye on him. So many people were deeply upset by the death of the female swan, there are a lot of other animal lovers out there. 

No these aren't swan eggs, they are quail eggs which were bought out of some complete madness by my other half. So I used them in some photos. They may go in a salad.  Tattoos, oh yes lots more planned, Ive got bookings with three more brilliant lady tattooists including Rebecca Vincent and Aimee Cornwell. And whilst this might sound like a bizarre way to nurture yourself, yes it is very painful - silly question - it is an incredible culture to be involved with. 

Lots of travel booked too, I can't believe how cheap flights can be if you are able to travel at any time. So Sweden next week, Romania in the Autumn (I shall be talking more about that soon), and plenty of exploring around the UK.  

So whatever the extent you go to in pursuing some nurturing for yourself, whether its a small bunch of flowers, some lovely healthy food or an adventure, I hope you find some moments between the madness to explore - both the physical and mental.

Share your love where you can good people, and be good to yourself. 

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