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30 Apr 2016

Dark Walls and Styling The Seasons

I simply couldn't resist painting more walls, well it's been a few weeks after all!  You may remember that I painted my upper hall landing white which lasted less than one day, I then painted half of it in graphite chalk paint, which is very matt and black.  I loved it so much I have now continued the colour around the sides, and despite protests from him indoors, that it will make the area seem dark and gloomy, I don't get that vibe at all.

The upper hall landing doesn't get much natural light but it is an area that gets walked through a lot and so I think this is a great place to display pictures and art, as you come up the stairs you can view the walls from the bottom up and it's the perfect area to play with dramatic looks.  

I'm collecting works of art connected to tattoos.  Either by tattooists like Amy Williams and Angelique Houtkamp, or of tattooed women.  The frames are all old ones from ebay.

I find that the drama of the dark walls showcases everything you put in front of it, either pictures, furniture or flowers.

Metallics work well with black, as it can tone down the gaudiness.  My favourite kinds of frames are old gilt gesso ones and Im always looking out for them as they work very well grouped together on picture walls. The continuation of deep rich colour holds the smaller objects together so that it doesn't look bitty.

So far I'm not feeling that the dark walls are making this small area feel smaller, but instead I'm noticing the light and how it falls.  I particularly like it with my new seagrass flooring.

I have been making posies for May Day, an old tradition is to hang them on your neighbors front door but I will probably be selfish and keep them for myself this year as the fragrance from the sweet peas and blue bells is intoxicating.

May holiday was originally a Roman festival for Floralia, the goddess of flowers so it would only be appropriate to have little floral arrangements around the home. 

Happy May Day.

Chalk paint by Annie Sloan, woven basket by Southwood Stores, limited edition prints by Angelique Houtkamp from Salon Serpent Tattoo Parlour.
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