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21 Apr 2016

Urban Jungle Bloggers - Plants and Glass

A fun extra post this week with a few photos for Urban Jungle Bloggers.  This month our lovely hosts, Igor and Judith have asked us to show some glass with our plants and cuttings.  

Here's a little selection.

When Igor and Judith started this community I hardly had any house plants and now Im quite a jungle here.  However, Im not being very successful with all and I don't quite know why, so I really should study up a bit more about their needs.

A personal thank you too as I recently won a competition organized by the Urban Jungle Bloggers and a plant shop called Evrgreen.  I have won some air plants which Im sure to find fun making a new home for as Ive never had air plants before. 

To see all the other things that Evrgreen have to offer go to http://www.evrgreen.de
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