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19 Apr 2016

Gardening with Rose & Grey

As a style ambassador for Rose & Grey I have been sent a great little wire shelf this month, so versatile it could have gone anywhere inside or out, but I chose to use it in the garden.  

There is something a bit special about potting sheds, childhood memories of dads and grandads, their version of a man cave with all the tools sorted nicely, old tins full of nails, magical cans of oil, fusty smells and cobwebs, they can be very nostalgic.

With a vintage industrial look, the Locker Room Shelf fits many different types of decor and I could see this working in the utility area, office, the bathroom or the hallway.

I recently assembled this shed just outside my photo studio to house the oversized props which had accumulated (and simply took up too much space).  Putting the wire shelf on the outside gives me a great place to put my gardening bits while I potter around weeding, tying back and trimming. I expect that during the summer it will also be a cool place for my radio and coffee.

I'm forever loosing my hand trowels but this way there is no reason not to find them straight away, using butchers hooks on the side of the shelf I can hang them up in full view.

As I can see my blue shed from the lounge I need for it to look attractive and I really think this Locker Shelf will help. Im going to pot up some cute pansies and find some more little terracotta pots. Before long there will be fairy lights and maybe candles too which can sit on the shelf to light the patio area on summer evenings. I hope you like my way of styling the shelf, maybe it will give you some ideas for getting organized wherever you use it. 

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