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6 Mar 2016

Home Style

Giving you a sneak peak of what I've been doing for a photo shoot of my home tomorrow, it's for Home Style magazine.  There's nothing like the jolt of a home feature to make you look at things and make those changes that you've been thinking about for a while. I don't need much of an excuse but some of the more major things are done because you want to present your best ideas and work.

When I put the old pine floorboards down I told the carpenter at the time, eventually I will paint them, well Ive held off for a while, trying to enjoy the natural wood colour, but after seeing the white painted floor at the home of 5ftinf, I was convinced.

I have also chosen seagrass flooring for a bedroom and stairs, it's a bit prickly right now but it does smooth down after time and I just love the tweedy natural look of it. 

Also time to let go of my painted dresser as I totally fell in love with this sideboard buffet.  It is Indian in origin, very very heavy solid wood, with antique tiles set into it.  

The carved water buffalo skull is from my good friends, the antique dealers Brocant Antique.  Also from them is the painted planter stand, west German pottery and the small roe deer skull. 

I used Little Greene floor paint in Slaked Lime colour, it looks white in the tin but is off white which tones better with the cream colours in my dining room.

The feature will run in the May edition in the UK, I hope to be able to share it with you when it hits the streets. 

Im off to Amsterdam next week and plan to do a lot of walking around seeking out the interesting and unusual.  See you when Im back in the UK. x
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