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26 Feb 2016

February Styling The Seasons

So February is drawing to a close and this year seems to be flying by.  Such a mild year seems to be increasing that feeling as Spring comes earlier than normal and even the babies at the wildlife hospital are being born before their normal time.  The little welcome pops of flowers and colours are so encouraging and uplifting. I'm a bit sad that I had to refuse some orphaned squirrels this week, don't worry someone else will look after them, but my house is in upheaval and I just didn't feel that I could devote enough time to the premature babies. I expect that from mid March there will be lots of abandoned baby squirrels for me to mummy, and I can't wait.

I thought I would just post a selection of my favourite photos from this month as my Styling The Seasons post.  Blossom picked from the roadside, Eucalyptus from the florist and spring blooms from my garden.

I've just read (listened to actually as Im a massive Audible fan) the book called The Year Of Living Danishly.  It rang true for a number of reasons, my good friend in the UK is from Denmark and she has a very unusual and refreshing take on life. Also, as you may know, I travel to Sweden a lot and there are certainly similarities. Actually, I've just got an App to teach me Swedish, it's really quite hard for an old bird like me, but maybe I will have a few phrases for the next time I visit.  Myself and Van Asch are longing for a road trip with my god-daughters through the Swedish countryside and off the beaten track.  Fingers crossed for that. 

A word that has become very used outside of Denmark is Hygge - a word that describes being cozy, make tea, light a candle and eat a nice pastry, while tucked up in the warm.  This I'm very happy to do with the aid of some lovely tea from The Teashed and a candle from Clement & Claude.  Teashed teas are remarkably fresh tasting, I like breakfast tea and you can taste the difference from the normal major brands.

There is a magazine coming to photograph the house in two weeks so Im using it as the catalyst to make some changes that I've been thinking about for a while.  One of which is painting the wooden floor.  I've lived with it's natural wood colour for a few years now and bravely decided to see if we could cope with white floors! Four cats muddy footprints ! The other half is under strict instructions "no more shoes in the house".

I hope to show you the completed looks soon. Have a nice cozy time with some Hygge if you can, lots of love. Jx
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