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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday Prop Shop

I love to see what others like myself do, bloggers are great at linking up and sharing ideas and information. Capture by Lucy has told me about Sunday Prop Shop so I will have a go at making a blog about things I use as props that have been very handy.
Lucy seems to be very organised in storing her props, mine however are just all over the house and in the loft. 

When styling with The Dandelion House we had a saying "when in doubt style with food" for the more challenging tasks.

Let me dig through my library of photos and see what things have been the most useful.
my workroom storage area. the mannequin head was bought
on ebay, the bird cage in Margate, pampas grass and
peacock feathers wait for a purpose

baskets, I have loads of them, all different shapes and sizes

old musical instruments, throws and furry rugs.

tea and coffee sets in interesting colours which evoke a decade.

enamel coffee pots, food and flowers

childs school chair found on a skip and painted.

my antique screen gets used to hide the bits you dont want to see
this was mid-styling for the Mediaeval Baebes Huntress album cover
So as I look through these I see that my sheepskin rugs have made it into quite a few shoots, and they will soon be dug out again no doubt. 

It doesn't hurt to have a collection of tea and coffee pots, some from charity shops and some from fairs. A small chair can be easily transported, painted up in different colours to suit and used to drape things over. 

Whilst not a bargain, my antique screen (the gold one top left) was an invaluable buy. On the reverse side its dark and hand painted. It is particularly good for hiding things like radiators which you can't move. 

another enamel coffee pot this time used as a vase.
Happy Sunday Prop Shop everyone xxx

The above photos were taken for the following reasons: Caravan 70s photos for Vintage Life magazine, I styled and supplied props. Dandelion House pics for the website. Van Asch cushions for whom I do a lot of pics. Annie Sloan paint for myself and Making The Best. Mediaeval Baebes album shoot not by me but I helped find a few props and am doing some other stuff for them soon. 


  1. Wow wee what a collection! I am hooked, can't wait to see what you share next, what a wonderful collection you have. Thanks so much for joining in xx

  2. Wow, I love your use of props and your photography is simply stunning. Gorgeous photos! My favourite is the one with the enamel coffee pot. I could literally sink into those pillows and read a book x

  3. wow gorgeous photos! That is some amazing collection of props you have there!

  4. I adore that birdcage, what a wonderful find! And the vase on that fabulous cupboard is so pretty.

    Nipping over from ‘Sunday Prop Shop’.

  5. Thank you all for being so kind and friendly, I am loving this blogging community. See you all again in a couple of weeks x


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