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7 Sep 2019

Reclaimed Summerhouse - part two

I've desperately been trying to get some lovely photos of the summerhouse but I went and got Shingles! Chemotherapy affects your immune system so it's fairly common to get infections and such, so a cold swiftly morphed into shingles and it's set back my last chemo session.  I feel bad for posting so infrequently, but I know my readers are bearing with me and I hope that the things I'm sharing can resonate with anyone else in this situation. Trying to do a bit of what you would normally do helps you to hang onto who you are, so I've cobbled together a few more photos of what's happening in my 'she shed'.

Since the last post I've been bringing things over from the house, and changing a few things. I tracked down some pottery boards to use as shelves, so the first shelf we put up just didn't work and has been swapped for this lovely old pottery board. These boards came out of a Stoke On Trent pottery, and they are beautifully worn with a patina of old clay.

There's still a few gaps to fill on the pallet wall but we are so happy with it and because these pallets had weathered in our garden for a while, they give a lovely rustic feel. It was important to have some organic elements in here, to bring the outside in, so every time I come here I snip a few dahlias for the jug.

To continue with the organic rustic look we used tree branches as curtain poles. These came in a big bundle from a coppiced woodland locally and were fairly straight, having been cut for use in the garden, I knew they would make good curtain poles. I dug out some old french crochet laced curtains which make a good fly screen when the doors are open.

Our feature wall is now finished, the wallpaper is from Cabbages and Roses and I've hung this old frame over it to add interest and texture. I've been layering up the bed with old throws, and just a big old pile of miss-matched pillows and cushions. I thought a wallpaper wall would bring a touch of faded glamour to the room and because we can't use wallpaper in the house (as we have too many beams). I like the contrast between the antique/glamorous and the rustic/natural.  

Some of our Moroccan finds have made their way over as I like to mix up different styles.  The rugs and the wedding blanket throw came from our trips to Essaouira from the little square and shops just round the corner from the Villa Maroc (which is always an inspiration for me since I first discovered it over twenty years ago). 

The coffee table came out of a skip, we repaired and painted it and it's been in various locations, including the garden. The Lloyd loom chairs have been with me since my very first flat and I've just got a soft spot for them, having changed the cushion pad covers many times, they make great occasional/conservatory chairs, not too bulky they are just handy to have, sometimes in the office sometimes in the spare room, they've moved around.

As we move into Autumn I've brought a small heater in here to keep it cozy and I expect that this space will continue to morph in it's use and look, so I will continue to snap away whenever I can muster up the energy to lift my heavy camera.  

My last chemo session is next week and then I begin a month of radiotherapy which I will be documenting on this blog and on instagram. All I know about is that it makes you very tired, so I know where I will be taking lots of afternoon naps ....

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