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6 Oct 2018

Hygge with Lekto Wood Fuels

Hello October, it seems unbelievable that it's that time of year again particularly as here in the East of England, there are still some splendid days. But we know it won't last much longer and as the rain and colder days are only a matter of weeks away, then it's time to get Hygge ready especially around the fireplace.

As you may know, I've moved to East Anglia, not far from the coast to a Tudor house surrounded by farms, the juxtaposition between countryside and seaside is just perfect. We are getting used to the traffic which is basically a couple of enormous tractors going down the lane every day, sometimes we count the number of cars we see on the drive to the nearest town and watch the seasons change with the crops growing, ripening, harvesting and then preparing the soil again for another year (gosh that is really pongy when they are muck spreading but hey, it's where our food comes from). 

Coco enjoys the heat, she is one of our four rescue cats and is blind

I've been dying to try out the enormous inglenook fireplace, so was super happy when Lekto Wood Fuels asked if I wanted to try out their  heat logs. I already use their hardwood heat logs, for many sensible and practical reasons. Firstly there's no dirty insect ridden logs having to be dragged in from outside and then cut into the right shapes for the fire. Secondly, they catch fire really quickly so it's less time in the grubby grate on your hands and knees, trying to light the thing and keep it going. Best of all they produce very little mess and ashes so cleaning the aftermath is easier and less frequent.  

The heat output from the hardwood logs is much higher than with chopped wood and there are no chemical additives to the logs which are made using a high density compacted wood for longer burning and more efficient heat production. They are easier to store too.

Lekto are now selling mini packs, a box of either night briquettes as you can see here, or of the heat logs which are unpacked behind. The 20kg mini pack is great for smaller homes that don't have the storage space, so if you click here you will see how to order. The night time briquettes burn for 8 hours so will release a slow even heat all through the night, they are good for wood burners and stoves too, delivered to your door in this handy box.

white opalescent lights above the fireplace are from Rose & Grey

If you have a fire or stove and would like to try them I'm giving away one box. To enter the competition then follow Lektowoodfuels on Instagram and tag your hygge or fireplace photos with the tag #lektowoodfuels   If you don't have Instagram then comment to me on my facebook page or twitter or even here. The competition is open to  UK only.

I have a new instagram account for the Air bnb at the house, it's called Old Suffolk Cottage and if you watch this space there will be discounted rooms available during the winter for followers of my social media.

If anyone is interested in holding events at the house then please do consider us. We plan to have a Brocante next spring with some local vintage sellers and makers congregating in our garden and would love to hold some courses here where you can stay overnight if you wish. Probably sewing, knitting, creative writing and photography from me and in the music studio there is drum tuition, song writing and recording too.

Warm hugs Janice. 

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