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4 Aug 2017

Rainy July - Be Home Free

Seriously, what a wash out it was here in the UK this July. It resembled Autumn and left us all thinking 'did we just skip Summer"?
So like everyone else you just say 'well it's good for the garden' and perhaps have a secret dream to move somewhere sunny.

This year I've tried to grow Dahlias for the first time. I'm not very good at gardening, well actually, it's more that I'm just lazy especially if the weather isn't consistently good, I tend to forget to water and weed and find more cozy pursuits indoors.

So I thought I would give the good old dahlia a try and ordered a bunch of root tubers from a company that Tamsyn Morgans recommended. 
I may have been a bit late planting them as it does seem that other instagram friends have been getting flowers a few weeks before me, but low and behold this last week they have started to show their big blousy heads.

I can see now why people plant the dahlia, yes it's a bit of a granny plant I know, as are the geraniums that adorn my window boxes, but a flower is better than no flower and my roses have seriously disappointed me, despite giving them food. 

So thanks to good old instagram, a handful of great photographers and stylists like Tamsyn and Emma Harris have managed to show these beauties in a new and classy way.  Generally I just tend to look out for anything that I think will survive a bit of neglect, although after planting the tubers I did remember to water daily at the beginning before the rain came.

I think I probably planted them a bit too close together, it's hard to imagine that the tuber will become such a huge plant, but they seem ok and my plan is to dig up the tuber and keep them in a shed over winter, which is the correct procedure. 

And so to a few of the photos from Be Home Free on instagram which caught my moody eye ...

@aslowgathering @petiteharvest @beforeandagain_

@belovelivecoaching @oldfashionedsus @erikaappelstrom

@petiteharvest @stateoflibertyco @poppinsandcompany @simpleandseason

My choice of favourites from the Be Home Free tag this month are a reflection of my mood after this miserable July, there's a hint of summer but only if you add a bit of hygge to it.

I love pops of pale pink in the dark, moody sunset landscapes and making an effort to go outside whatever the weather. 

This weekend I'm really praying for sunshine as it the camping retreat with Hill View Moments, where a group of us will be hunkering down over our crafty projects around the campfire. 

Keep a look out for photos from the weekend over on instagram stories. 

Thanks for tagging your photos, love and peace from Janice.

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