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24 Jun 2017

Slow Living

It's become a bit of a buzz word, but what is slow living? There's one good way to find out and that's to go straight to the top, and join up with the guru of Slow Living - Melanie Barnes of Geoffrey and Grace  And what's more, it's free!

As a fellow anxiety sufferer, Melanie has been taking a good look at ways to calm down all areas of your life in simple and practical ways. It may not be possible to do every single thing that is recommended, but you can definitely find a lot of sense in it and it's a good check list of reigning in the clutter.

On the Slow Living Retreat, Melanie gives us some examples of reconnecting with reality and with yourself. Simple ideas of how to put your phone down and not have it glued to us (guilty), not be so worried by the seemingly perfect lifestyle of others on instagram (guilty), and not to let your home get cluttered with piles of untidy homeless objects (guilty). 

During the week of my e-course with Mel, I was suffering the worst anxiety I have had in years, so much so that I couldn't really tackle the tasks immediately, but now looking back and going through it more, I can see so much of what Mel says is helpful.

I've been doing more gardening, getting close to the outdoors is a brilliant way to slow down, and tending to plants with trimming and watering is very fulfilling. I've got help from some cleaning ladies to make my life a little less stressful, and with them keeping a check on me (yes I do tidy up before they come), I have finally had a clear out of my studio which had become some sort of mad woman's nightmare.

The very hot spell of weather forced things to slow down as it was too difficult to do very much in the melting sun, but I started to create some tidy and relaxing areas in the garden, digging out the gazebo from the shed and creating some nice table displays in the shade. 

Unfortunately I had a photo shoot in the sweltering heat, although the work was lovely and super creative it was exhausting. Despite wearing sunblock I did get a bit burnt, and although I was wearing a hat and sunglasses my skin took a bashing. 

don't forget to put water out for birds, this house sparrow has nested in the box on my house and has helped me wind down
watching her going in and out of the box all day to feed her babies.

As if they had read my mind, those wonderful people at Curious Egg asked if I would like to try out a few new products they are stocking now by A.S. Apothecary.  

A.S. Apothecary products are a real treat. The A.S. is Amanda Saurin who produces small batches of natural products made from essential oils carefully distilled from plants, flowers, roots, bark and herbs.

The Summer Skin Balm is everything I need at the moment in one small pot. It helps to soothe the skin from sun burn, but also has natural antiseptic  for bites and rashes, with all the ingredients to also calm the mind. 

The Lavender Aromatic Water is another good all rounder, it cools the skin, works as a refreshing aftersun, can be used to rinse your hair and reduces itchiness from bites, (yes, some critter got me). Best of all it aids sleep, which for me is a great combination when I'm travelling as I often can't sleep in unfamiliar beds. 

The Balm and Water will be a good way to help with my relaxation and my slow living efforts. While doing my breathing I can inhale the aromas of lavender, rose geranium, cantharis and hypericum. 

Coincidentally Mel has a interview with the owner and maker at A.S Apothecary so while you are over on Geoffrey and Grace please do have a look at that too. 

A.S. Apothecary balm and water from Curious Egg highly recommended.
Glasses from www.glasssesshop.com 
The Slow Living Retreat free e-book from Geoffrey and Grace

I would love to hear from you about how you slow things down and relax, take good care of yourselves xx Janice

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