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2 Jun 2017

my VQ Summer Hepburn playlist

I've been testing out another model of the VQ range of Emma Bridgewater patterned dab radios, this time the Hepburn MkII. As a result I can offer you a discount on this of £50 by simply using the code JANICE50 here

Choose whether to use batteries so you can take it on a picnic, or mains power (which even has a European adapter included). The speaker has been improved with digital sound processing and gives much more bottom end for a fuller sound than the single speaker versions. You can get a good volume out of this one.

I really love the style of this model, the buttons on the top are very clear and the larger speaker is great quality. I tend mostly to bluetooth my own playlists so I've put one together for you on spotify, called My VQ Summer, search for Janice Issitt.

The long sleek Hepburn MK11 version has bluetooth function to play from spotify or your own library, also DAB/DAB+ and FM radio.  There is a usb connection socket for charging your devices, very handy this. 

I like the quality of these metal buttons over the plastic ones and the weight and feel of this radio is not heavy but substantial enough to feel like a transistor radio of old.

The Hepburn really is the perfect summer accompaniment, providing the soundtrack to cool drinks, wafting scents, colours of the garden in full bloom and pretty enough to match with your china or table linen.

So what's top of my summer playlist, if you don't make it over to Spotify then here's a few of the classics that remind me of summers past ..
Midnight At The Oasis - The Boys Of Summer - Here Comes The Sun - Mr. Blue Sky - Moondance - A Horse With No Name

So get on your boogie espadrilles and hop on over to the myvq website to grab one of these Emma Bridgewater designs with £50 off.

Wishing you sunshine and happy days over the summer months, love Janice   p.s. check out my Tribe All One page as my Etsy shop is now being uploaded!
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