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15 May 2015

Tattoo Skulls and Wrap.me

If you have been nice enough to look at my blog before, you will have seen me talking about Tattoo Style.  It's my own concept for interior design which fits perfectly with the styling that we do for Van Asch who has made her name with skulls and roses on cushions and fabric.

Add to that now another fabulous lady designer and artist, Hannah Getley.  I do believe that lady luck or serendipity plays a part in who you meet in the world and it was a chance meeting at a party that drew my attention to Hannahs work, living locally to me in nearby Berkhamsted. 

These Sea Skulls are slip cast in high grade porcelain before Hannah decorates each one individually. The designs applied are influenced by sailors and their tattoos, anchors, swallows, feathers, stars, moths and tall ships.

 As each piece is individually hand decorated, Hannah can take commissions and believes the skulls are good luck talismans to those who buy them. 

You can find Hannah's website here where you can ready about her early training at art college and how she now works in film, making props.

Expect to see more of Hannahs work appearing here on my blog as well as some new cushion designs from Van Asch.  This month I am also collaborating with an interiors shop and a haberdashery so keep checking in for information and photos of some lovely new products. 

Also this week I tried out the https://wrap.me/ idea of using your own photos to make gift wrapping paper. 

make a collage from your own photos and they send you a sheet of wrapping for 4.99 uk sterling, free postage. Just the thing to wrap up your Hannah Getley Sea Skull. 

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