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29 Nov 2014

Room Recipes For Style and Colour

Chances are, that if you read this blog or follow me on my Facebook page, you are probably already interested in interior decorating and home styling. However, whether you like to make your home a special place or you lack confidence to try new things, this book is for you.  

I know you probably think Im biased, but luckily for me, my home being one of the featured properties in Room Recipes For Style and Colour, I can feel proud that it is in such esteemed company. I read and look at a lot of interiors books and some seem like just a compilation of photos you could already find on Pinterest. This book is different, its not just the photos its the really clever and insightful descriptions by Annie Sloan of how to achieve a look or what the elements of that look are. 

What makes anything really special? Well I always think its the attention to detail. Its the hand embroidery, the multi-layered paint effect, the clever up cycling, you get my drift. Here in this book the attention to detail and the intelligently written descriptions are its key factors. 

Annie Sloan has dedicated her life to analysing style and colour, so its more than your usual interiors book, it breaks down the visuals and puts a smart interpretation on what for most of us is just intuitive. 

In these photos you see that I have used vases for my floral touches (left and right) but mostly I plonk flowers in coffee pots, tea  pots, cups, anything that is proportionally ok or the right colour. 

in my bathroom here I wanted to kick against the Seaside theme, the curtain pole is literally a branch of a tree. This came about because I decided to makeover the bathroom the day before it was photographed and didn't have time to buy a curtain pole!

This must have book is now on sale through all Annie Sloan paint stockists, a great present.  Why not get this with a couple of tester pots and a brush for the budding interior decorator in your life. It will become an invaluable reference book for many years Im sure.

For me, well my house already looks different again, as it says in the book, my home is a moving target, but if you want to see how its evolving then get a copy of Homes & Antiques magazine January issue and you will see how Ive changed things and what Im doing for Christmas styling. 

The book is published by CICO, my favourite publishers as Ive now contributed to a few of their books including "Fairisle and Nordic Knits" where I worked with Nicki Trench as a knitter of a few of the projects in that. 

Hey you guys at CICO, Ive got a great idea of a book of my own, and it might have something to do with body art! 

Watch out for me in Homes & Antiques, Im off to Sweden and Lapland to get some fab photos for Van Asch which will be posted here on my return to bring you snow for Christmas. 

As soon as I grab myself a copy of H&A I will be posting all about that with a listing of credits to my favourite shops and suppliers. 

Happy Christmas shopping, keep it local, keep it small shops and support artisan makers.  See you all soon. 
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