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1 Jan 2014

Urban Exploring

Urban Exploring was a term I hadn't heard of until I told a friend about an abandoned factory that my Other Half took me to. 
It seems that Urban Exploring or Urbex is the exploration of man made structures not often seen and is quite a well known quest for some, I can understand why now that I have taken part.

My small scale venture found me wondering all sorts of things about this abandoned place. What was the building used for when it was a fully functioning factory, a place where now nature and youth have claimed a footing and made it their own. 

So what lies beyond these doors ...

Are these reels of white wool an indication of what happened here before? 

Nature has started to infiltrate, the roof has holes and where the water falls through new life springs up. The climbing tendrils of plant growth are all intertwined with while wool which has been trailed over the high beams by its invaders.

Is this artists name really FARTY, or FARTA ?

Some very talented artists have made these stunning artworks on the walls, was this their secret hideout, I can imagine a cool group of kids using this as their special place.

This plot has been sold for development of a "country house" and I really hope that someone with unique vision manages to make a cool space here and not some faux country mansion. I would try and keep the walls and maybe even retain some of the artwork on them but that is probably unlikely to happen. Who knows, maybe we will see some inventive visionaries making this space into something spectacular on a t.v. show.  Well here is my bit done for recording this urban type decay in a setting which is far from Urban.  

Happy New Year to one and all, may we long continue to explore our surroundings with an open mind and and open eye.

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