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7 Sep 2013

Tales from Tommy The Tail

Hello my name is Tommy, I am a very handsome boy. Let me take you for a walk down the bottom of the garden I want to show you something. Oh bring a pot or pan you will need it.

Over this fence .....

Theres nothing in it, we have to go a bit further .... oh and by the way, did you notice how magnificent my tail is.

Here comes Ziggy, he wants to come too.

No time to stand and gaze there is serious foraging to be done. 

Nearly there ....

You never know who you might meet on the way.

Look, blackberries, I told you.

Thats our sister Coco, she is blind so she waits for us at the bottom of the garden and we get a kiss when we return safe and sound.

We have two apple trees and one plum in our garden, the apple trees are great for climbing.
The lady of the house with the red hair hates cooking but feels obliged to make something with all this free fruit.
She has tried chutney but it made the whole house full of fumes that made our eyes sting.

There is still a lot of chutney left in the cupboard.

She weighed the apples and blackberries but not on the same scales she uses to weigh baby animals. 2lb of apples and 1lb of blackberries, 6oz sugar. 

Peel and chop the apples and put in an ovenproof dish with the blackberries and sugar. Some clever mummies would make their own crumble mixture but ours just tipped over a ready made one (see I told you she hates cooking). 

To make the crumble a bit more interesting she put a bit of meusli in it. 

When it came out of the oven it was sticky and she didn't even have any cream for it. Fancy not having any cream in the house, we love cream but the vets said it makes us fat. 

This blog post has been a poor excuse to show you how beautiful
I am. She who cannot cook takes all her own photos and I, well I just have to look handsome.   Head bonks, Tommy The Tail.

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