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15 Sep 2013

Autumn arrives.

This week I have been taking a LOT of photographs, even more than usual, of things made from wool for a little catalogue - and that is all I can reveal.

It was fabulous timing as I had just started to look at doing a bit more knitting again and planning out my colder weather projects, the ones you do under a blanket with a roaring fire next to you. Several times since moving to the countryside we have actually been 'snowed in' as the gritting lorries fail to get out to us. It's probably not as bad as I'm making out but when they tell you on the news to only do "essential journeys" then, nothing seems essential unless you are starving or needing a hospital. I digress. 

So with the nip in the air and the cats starting their usual trail of muddy footprints all over the house, I thought I should change the house over from its summer style. The light delicate rugs changed, the eiderdowns got out of storage, the fireplace ready and some nice warm and orange tones in foliage to arrange. 

And these just happen to be all the things I needed to decorate my photographs. It was also an excuse to buy some lovely heathers and interesting vegetables. 

Im sure when most people bring home pumpkins and such, they intend to do more than carve a face in it, in this house neither of us can cook so more often than not the buying of gnarly gourd shaped edibles is due to the needing of a prop in a photo. 
I shall try and put these in some sort of soup perhaps.

Just in time some conkers and acorns could be found on the ground.

My mood references were natural history. 

If anyone can suggest what to do with the pumpkins that doesn't involve much skill in the kitchen, do let me know. I can update this post with the results. Until then, they shall stay in a rustic basket looking nice and decorative.

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