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5 Jul 2013

Bright Stockholm I love you.

Bright bright bright the future is looking bright for the new colours in Swedish interior trends.

There is a new wave of interiors, a total mixture of granny chic, vintage, antique but all with a new take on the colours applied to them. Here at the Cafe Tjarlek in Stockholm, they have got it all going on. Not only is the decor great and fun and lively, but the food is fantastic too, make this a destination to stop at if you are visiting the city anytime soon. 

It is a testament to how effective decor can be in business, we were heading for a bit of girly shoe shopping next door at the Swedish hasbeens pop up shop, the bright colours from the cafe lept out at us and we looked at each other and said "we'll go there after for sure".

The boutique castle hotel of Gorvalns Slott is another fine example of these crazy colour combinations. Crazy they may seem, but the vibrancy really wakes you up and lifts the spirits, perfect colours for areas of eating and chatting. 

I love the way that the doors are open to almost warn you of the next colour change, they don't do things by halves at this hotel, when they use a colour, they really use it.

Even the traditional Dala Horse can be seen to be embracing some new colour combinations. 

Funny isn't it how styles criss cross over from country to country. A few years ago there weren't many places in Sweden where they had strayed from the safe and the norm. I do believe that the British revival of vintage and retro has travelled back to them. Whilst here in the UK, we are happy to swap for Swedish traditional and classic. That's what style is all about though, mixing it up, re-inventing and picking bits from here, and there, and making it your own. 

This is all going to influence my next knitting designs, traditional styles with new colours ... watch this space. 
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