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1 Jun 2013

Village Vintage Fair

Red and yellow and pink and green ..... summer is here, and just in time for the most wonderful event: Village Vintage at Plumpton Race Course. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Village-Vintage/103917839661532?fref=ts heres their facebook page.

I am so pleased that the weather turned nice for them just in time. Having had a market stall myself, I know how much effort goes into setting up a good display, and this they surely had done beyond excellence. Every stand was brimming with amazing finds, and decorated to the hilt with fresh flowers, the rush of colours and scents quite overwhelmed me, I wanted everything, it was all beautiful.

So many photo opportunities, I made a collage to fit them all in.

The problem with shopping with a like-minded friend is that they sometimes beat you to the very thing you want. Jane and myself have magazines coming to feature our houses very soon so were on the lookout for statement pieces.  At this fair there was no time to dither, about ten times I pointed and went "OOOO" and at that very second someone else was there, money at the ready.

I really wanted some shutters, despite having nowhere to put them, and was too slow for both the blue and green ones. My own fault. 

Village Vintage is held at Plumpton Race Course, quite a journey for me and Serendipity Reclamations very own Jane, who is fearless in the extent she will go to find gorgeous things for the house. 

There is most definitely a French flavour to the fairs in East Sussex, due to their proximity to the coast. Up in Buckinghamshire we are about as land locked as you can get so the feel of the vintage and antiques is much more British. This French feel gives a lovely alternative to interior decorating, which for the eclectic decorator is yet another string to their bow. 

I really hope we can stay in touch with the dealers we met here today and I will list the names that I got, please though, if I missed anyone out send me a message so that I can add you in. You can message me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/JaniceIssittLifeStyle Some of the dealers sell from their shops and some are purely pop up fair sellers, most of whom have a facebook page.

There is something about certain colours that connects to me. Its pretty hard to describe but I know there are many others out there like me who get excited by a particular shade of green, or pink or blue.  It must be an interior stylist thing, but I have to hold my hand up and say "hello my name is Janice and I am a colour holic".

In amongst these photos are items which are now sitting very close to where I type. Perhaps I should run a competition "guess which things I bought home with me".  Sadly the Shepherds Hut was not one of them, it was a particularly fine example of the genre and I doubt there was a single person at the fair who didn't have "hut envy".

Theres some cupboard love going on regarding the one above from Harrietts Attic..... we couldn't fit it in the car but I think Jane has a cunning plan.

If you want to find me on facebook, Ive revived my knitting page vintage stitches and it doubles as a link to this https://www.facebook.com/JaniceIssittLifeStyle

Heres some of the sellers whose products are featured here ..
Harrietts Attic, Heartfelt Designs, Sue & Janes Nice Things, Wolves Antiques, Rustic Garden Things, Nightingale Shepherd Huts, Nikki Page Antiques, Mia Fleur, Quince, Faded Rose Vintage, The Old Haberdashery,Love Lane Vintage Wild Willow, Love Inc Ltd

A really big thank you and well done to everyone working at the Village, and we can highly recommend the ice creams from Bluebelles ice cream parlour. They have been tried and tested, twice. 


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