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9 May 2013

friends products

Recent product photos.

I am so lucky to have creative and inventive friends, a network of like-minded people who design, invent, create and find beauty in the every day things.

When the ladies at Holy Cow Home showed me their first products for this exciting new company, I asked them to drop off the handmade Indian statues and set about getting in 'the zone'. Having travelled extensively in India I have a great fondness for all things related to that wonderful country. Lots of my collections ended up in the loft when we moved so we dug through the boxes and went on a trip down memory lane to holidays spent travelling up and down mountains of tea and coffee plantations, marble temples on hill tops and palace hotels.

Having found all my old treasures it put me in the mind-set to get a bit more colour in the house. When we first renovated we neutralised everything to feel the space and work out how to live in it. I wanted to add colour to the walls not just the soft furnishings so started delving into the colour collection of Annie Sloan chalk paints. Once one wall was done there was not stopping us, finding walls in every room which would showcase another colour. Heres some of the colours behind the photos for Van Asch cushions.

Expect to see more shots for both these companies over the coming months. I will be posting links when the Holy Cow Home website shop is up and running and you can find the cushions from Van Asch at Van Asch shop
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