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19 May 2013

my garden

Dandelions, bluebells, and other colours in the garden. To get away from the dust in the house caused by the wood sanding, I nipped round the garden and took these ...

I don't have a macro lens for my new Canon 5D so I took these on large format and zoomed in on the computer and cropped them in photoshop, my eyesight is so terrible these days its lucky for me that cameras can focus for you. I was so delighted with the dandelion, it is so soft and fluffy looking. On the right is the original photo. Technology can be wonderful (sometimes). I am still amazed at how different things are now that you can view the photo instantly, I wonder if I will ever dabble with film again, I certainly have enough old cameras and lenses to play with, a bit like getting a record player and playing all the old vinyl, which we have been doing recently.

and because I couldn't blog without a  pic of one of my cats, heres ziggy, who runs up the tree and waits for Ian to throw up a ball, he bats it down every time  and never misses. Ziggy thinks  he is a dog as this is just one of his many tricks.
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