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18 Sep 2018

Embroidery and Inspiration

Last week I stumbled upon an embroidery workshop not far from me, it was just one of those serendipitous moments to find the last place was still open on the day course to embroider a beautiful small piece with stitchery guru Nicki Franklin. Not only that but Nicki was holding the event at the stunningly inspirational home of Rosehip In The Country antique dealers and their daughter Kate of Oyster Bridge & Co.

One would assume that the venue wasn't terribly important, being as how Nicki puts together such lovely kits for her workshops, but actually this house for me was just one on my list of 'must have' places to see, due to the fact that it has many similar challenging features as my own newly acquired Old Suffolk Cottage. The house, also listed, has been restored more to my taste than my own home if I'm to be brutally honest, but has so many similar features I knew it would help me to focus on where to go with my own restorations. 

Highly envious was I, of these stone floors, oh yes. The walls have the same open stud work in the walls as I have in my cottage. It was comforting to see the familiarity as this is quite a common feature of the old Suffolk cottages and longhouses.

Jen of Rosehip and daughter Kate of Oyster will both be at the Country Brocante being held at Daylesford Farm next weekend. It looks to be full of the creme de la creme dealers, particuarly of French finds. They also have pop up shops in this house and so I was able to do a bit of shopping after my day of embroidery with Nicki.

dried flowers from Rosehip, glass dome from Rose and Grey 
So why embroidery, well it was my first ever learnt craft, something taught to me as a child, I took it as a subject at school and even passed exams in it. I thought it would be a nice relaxing workshop as it's a subject engrained in my muscle memory, my only hold back now being my eyesight, but my results were still very nice and the joy was in the doing. 

this is the beautiful folder that Oyster Bridge Kate had made for our embroidery kits 
If this sounds like something you would be interested in then have a look at Nicki's website www.nickifranklin.com She has a studio at the location I've often used for photos, Castle Ashby, and coming up both Jen from Rosehip In The Country and Kate from Oyster Bridge and Co., will be joining her for a dried flower and gift wrapping workshop at the end of November. 

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